Black Mountains Guiding - Black Mountains MBO
Black Mountains Guiding - with Siôn James
Black Mountains MBO (Mountain Bike Orienteering Events) in association with: British Mountain Bike Orienteering 

2017 Score League
Final Results

2018 MBO Score Series:

This year we have 12 events and your best 9 results will count towards your final league score.

Event 1 - Sunday 14th January - Forest of Dean - 2hrs & 3hr Small Area Format (SAF)

Event 2 - Sunday 4 February - Chepstow Park Woods - 2hrs & 3hr Small Area Format (SAF)

Event 3 - Sunday 4 March - The Wentwood - 2hrs & 3hr Small Area Format (SAF)

Event 4 - Sunday 25 March - Trellech Common - 2hrs & 3hr Small Area Format (SAF)

31/2 hr dates to follow......

ps will be awarPlease check Facebook and  BMBO calender for updates.
The aim of the event is to find and visit checkpoints marked on our 1:25,000 or 1:50,000 Maps:
  • Participate as a team or go solo
  • Fun for individuals, friends and families
  • Bring your own bike or hire one
  • Try it for fun or compete against your friends
  • Take a guide with you to provide Map and Navigation instruction
Each rider accumulates a total score dependant on how many and which particular controls they visit. There is no set order for visiting the controls & riders have to decide the most efficient route on which to use their time and energy. The rider with the highest points total is the winner. As route choice, level of difficulty and duration of riding are all decisions for the rider, these events really suit everyone whatever your ability level.
Below is an example map of one of our maps used on a previous event.  We tend to use 1:25,000 scale but may use 1:50,000 if we need greater coverage. The overlay of Check points and other detail is produced in OCAD which will be familiar to those who have tried Foot Orienteering.

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